Practice Areas Overview

General Liability Defense:

At Bradham Benson our attorneys serve all types of businesses by defending them against all tort liability.  Our firm’s reputation as aggressive, effective defense attorneys often encourages claimants to accept reasonable settlements without ever proceeding to trial.  However, if litigation is the best or only option for our clients, our attorneys handle these claims with hard-hitting expertise and are dedicated to producing the best results for the client.

Workers’ Compensation Defense:

At Bradham Benson, our attorneys offer a full range of services to insurance companies, self-insured employers, and individual employees, including risk management analysis and statewide litigation defense.  Our attorneys aggressively and efficiently represent our clients in an ever-growing variety of workers’ compensation defense matters ranging from simple claim litigation, and complex compensability disputes to third-party liability cases involving mortalities and calamitous injuries. Our attorneys know the importance quickly resolving claims and are dedicated to achieving that for our clients.

Products Liability:

In the area of products liability defense our attorneys have successfully defended retailers, wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers in cases involving severe injury, paralysis, and fatality.  At Bradham Benson, our attorneys know the importance of early strategic planning with the ultimate goal of obtaining the best result for our client.

Construction Litigation:

In today’s changing economy and real estate market, construction claims are becoming increasingly more common, and at Bradham Benson we have provided exceptional legal counsel to clients in all aspects of the construction process.  Our attorneys have handled all traditional issues which arise in construction projects, ranging from payment disputes, allegations of defective design, and insurance coverage to delays, disruptions, and loss of productivity.  At Bradham Benson, we strive to prevent litigation if possible, but we are fully prepared to aggressively handle it when it is the best course of action or only course of action for our clients.

Automobile Liability:

In the area of automobile liability our firm has represented our clients in matters involving everything from motor vehicle and motorcycle accidents to large scale trucking accidents.  Our attorney’s experience in aggressively and efficiently handling these matters enables our firm to provide its clients with valuable and credible insight and precise evaluation of these cases, as well as hard-hitting representation when needed.

Premise Liability:

At Bradham Benson, we have extensive experience defending premise liability matters from pre-suit through trial.  Our attorneys have represented restaurants, hotels, construction sites, retail warehouses, and other commercial properties in matters involving injury to employers, employees, and visitors.  Our Attorneys are dedicated to efficiently and aggressively representing our clients based on the specific needs and goals of the client.

Negligence Security:

The area of negligence security is a quickly growing one in today’s unpredictable society.  This area encompasses suits seeking to attach liability to businesses, bars, property management companies, and residential building owners for robberies, assault and battery, or sexual assaults which occur on these properties.  Our attorneys have successfully handled claims including allegations of lack of security cameras, inadequate lighting, unsecured entries, negligent training of security staff and lack of security patrols. At Bradham Benson our attorneys understand the importance of handling these claims both professionally and competently for our clients.

Directors & Officers Errors and Omissions:

In today’s society where corporate decisions are under such heightened scrutiny, the likelihood that directors and officers will face litigation has increased greatly.  At Bradham Benson, our trial attorneys are highly experienced in defending corporate officials in all manner of actions, whether it is slight oversights or massive cases of fraud.  Our attorneys understand the need for these claims to be handled both professionally and expeditiously, and will defend your suits at all stages of litigation with aggressiveness, common sense, and a deep knowledge of the importance of protecting your reputation.

Commercial Litigation:

At Bradham Benson our extensive litigation experience with general liability issues facing both small and large businesses and carriers. Our attorneys have handled a wide variety of general commercial and business dispute issues ranging from breach of contract, fraud, and warranty claims to shipping disputes. Our attorney’s defense-driven litigation style allows us to defend all commercial liability issues with the aggressiveness and expertise that garners results for our clients.

Wills, Probate & Trusts:

In the area of wills, probate, and trusts our attorneys understand the importance sitting down and getting to know our clients, their loved ones, and trusted advisors, and it is through a commitment to that process that we are able to better grasp the objectives and goals of each client, avoid potential hazards, and develop unique solutions for each client.  At Bradham Benson our goal is the same, regardless of the size of an individual client’s estate, minimize costs, preserve personal wealth, and reduce the estate tax burden in an effort to better provide for the estate’s beneficiaries.  Our attorney’s solution-oriented approach is focused on areas of probate, estate planning, and trust administration.


At Bradham Benson our attorneys have the expertise to identify potential appellate issues while a case is still at trial, and can competently assess the merits and likelihood of success of an appeal after the trial is completed.  Our attorneys are experienced in handling any and all of the aspects of the appellate process and have dealt with a variety of cases, including preserving verdicts, overturning verdicts, discovery issues, contract disputes, employment law issues, and worker’s compensation matters, and nearly all types of civil appeals.

Social Security Law:

Considering the recent issues within the Social Security Administration relating to the limited funds available for Social Security Disability benefits claimants, our attorneys realize it is more imperative than ever that potential disability claimants have their claims processed accurately.  At Bradham Benson, our attorneys have years of experience dealing with the intricacies of the Social Security Act, after handling numerous successful Social Security claims under both Supplemental Security Income and Social Security Disability.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP):

At Bradham, Benson, we have an array of expertise regarding the Florida PIP law.  Our attorney’s truly understand the difficult situation insurance companies often face with PIP claims and are fully capable and deeply experienced in lessening the burden for our clients and handling these claims professionally and effectively.  This firm has also provided our clients with PIP seminars in an effort to have our clients fully comprehend the PIP exposure.

Trucking Litigation:

At Bradham, Benson, we represent trucking insurance companies as well as regional and national trucking companies that are self insured.  Our experienced attorneys have handled numerous cases involving trucking accidents and are able to use the insight when evaluating a most efficient way to handle the claims for our clients.  Our firm understands the issues that both the trucking companies and their insurers must handle and this firm works hard to preserve and protect their interests.  Additionally, this firm has a trucking defense response team that is able to be contacted at a moments notice so that the investigation regarding any trucking accidents can be handled immediately.

First Party’s Coverage

At Bradham, Benson, we have extensive experience handling first party claims which range from personal injury protection defense through filing declaratory actions on behalf of the insurance companies regarding issues of coverage.  This firm has also handled numerous property damage claims as it relates to general property damage suffered as well as from hurricane loss.  It is important to note in first party claims that plaintiffs are entitled to attorney fees when successful.  Therefore, each and every first party claim and defense thereof should be evaluated properly and thoroughly prior to any decisions being made on the handling of the same because misinformed decisions could lead to costly attorney fees.

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